Redmount Midstream, LLC

Oil and Gas Pipeline Solutions.

At Redmount, we respect those that have come before us. Their ingenuity, vision, and drive. The optimism and can-do attitude. The vigorous hold to their core beliefs, which we share; honesty, excellence, and perseverance. The blood, sweat, and tears that have gone before us with the Men that have built out the greatest pipeline system in the world, as well as contributing to those systems all over the globe.

We are always ready to assist with whatever need presents itself, from planning, budgeting, and route selection to immediate equipment needs and on site assessments. From land acquisition to ROW repair and maintenance, and from DOT mandated hydrotests to station construction, and from remote work camp country to urban settings, we are at home. We have consulted, directly assisted, and indirectly matched solutions to pipeline industry problems via advice rendered, via providing manpower and equipment, and through matching compatible partners for owners, operators, and contractors. Solid, forthright, educated, and economical suggestions and actions to bring about desired outcomes in a wide variety of situations is what we have provided and what we intend to continue executing – utilizing both our knowledge and that of our valued network of partners. Being able to do this in an effective manor in this great industry can only be the result of studying, respecting, and learning from the great individuals that have blazed the trail before us.

From the powder on the ROW, whether it was the type found in Williston, or NY State in January, or the type found in West Texas in August, to the bottomless softness of a peat bog in Wisconsin, or a swamp in Florida… from the chop of West Virginia and the mountains of Colorado, to the endless, flat dryness of the great plains, and wetness of the Great Lakes water table in the farmlands of Illinois… let people that started throwing skids and ended owning companies get to working for you. Experience is our foundation and our guide.

We provide oil and gas pipeline solutions.

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